Arty crafty allergens

17 May

iPhones are great but the cameras on them are a bit rubbish. Trying to take a photo of a moving child in anything less than perfect light conditions gives blurry, dark photos. Which means I can’t show you what Adams (4yo) left eye looks like. It’s basically almost completely swollen shut.

Things have gotten much easier recently as he seems to not get hives as quickly as he used to from touching trace amounts of food on surfaces (contact allergy). Which means I’ve probably gotten a bit lax about things.

We recently joined a pottery group and today was the second session where the kids were painting their fired clay. I usually try to check the ingredients of all crafty products because Adam has gotten very itchy, particularly overnight, from various play doh type materials as well as paints and ink pads.

Probably because I was busy chatting with friends, and am a bit shattered being 7 months pregnant, I totally forgot to ask the instructor about the paint/glaze ingredients until I picked up a pot and noticed it smelled fishy.

Adam has been using the glaze for about half an hour by that point with no hives so when the instructor said that fish is an ingredient (how odd is that?!) I thought Adam would be fine even tho we know he has severe allergies to salmon and cod (and probably more that we haven’t yet tested for).

But during the session I noticed him touch his face for a moment and from them on his eyelid was a bit red until a couple of hours after falling asleep his eye life was obviously very swollen. He’d been really uncomfortable in his sleep and very itchy even tho the last few weeks his sleep has been really peaceful (thank God!)

Because he won’t take any meds willingly we had to wake him up to give him a new toy he was coincidentally promised to get when our new bed arrived, which it did today (we now have a proper bed woohoo!). Hubbie went off to mix a dose of antihistamine into an apple purée pouch. Adam probably knew what was up (us trying to smuggle the meds in with his favorite food) but ate the whole pouch worth anyway.

Hopefully, God willing, by morning the swelling will have gone!

It just goes to show that you really can’t let your guard down and do need to sometimes be the only parent in the room asking for obscure details. It also illustrates the point that food allergies really aren’t just about the “food” that we eat but concern, for example, the skin products you use, the crafty materials you buy and even the furniture you have (nut oils are used even on some wooden kids play kitchens!).


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