Long time!

2 Mar

Its been such a long time since I last posted!  We were without WiFi for 3 months after moving home (thanks Virgin Media!).  So much has happened in the meantime, especially on the allergies front.  We had family come to stay for 6 weeks and although I didn’t really imagine it was possible, they stuck to “Adam’s diet” whilst they were in the house for that whole period.  In addition I managed to learn a good few recipes from my mother in law that I can cook for Adam that are easy and nutritious! How exciting is that?  (Especially for someone who still, after almost 3 years of living with an allergic child, often struggles to think of what to cook).

I’ve also discovered new foods in the enormous Tesco that we’ve moved near to (yes, I know I’ve written about how awful these supermarket monstrosities are but you’ll know just how fab it is to discover new foods you can make your child, wherever they come from).  Over the coming weeks I’ll hopefully share some of those recipes tho I’m also 5 months pregnant now so in a bit of stupor in the evenings so it might take me even longer to write them up.

Pregnancy of course got me googling about what to eat or not to eat whilst pregnant to impact the chances of our second child having allergies. I’d read on someone else’s blog that there is one specific probiotic that can help prevent the development of allergies but then when I’ve tried to read up on this myself, all the studies I could find mentioned ‘probiotics’ without singling out any specific one.  Apparently, in any case, it only becomes relevant towards the end of pregnancy and is the only thing that you can do whilst pregnant that does seem to have an impact on allergies (then again, breastfeeding for example is meant to decrease the risk of allergies and Adam developed all of his whilst he was still being breastfed).  If anyone knows of anything that pregnant women should know on the allergies front, please share links!

On the friends and social front, we are mostly seeing old friends i.e. people who know everything there is to know about Adam’s sensitivity to various foods.  So its been a while since I’ve needed to explain things to anyone (which can sometimes be a bit tricky) and its been a while since I’ve gotten really uncomfortable because someone’s offered Adam something he can’t have or had a child coated in dairy or nuts.  In fact, I wanted to write about just how amazing people can be and how a situation like an allergic child can really bring out the best in people.  For example, I’ve been really, really amazed at how many of my friends have gone out of their way to buy identical snacks for their kids to the ones they know Adam usually has.  This means their kids can easily share with Adam, which they love to do, and that we can all be relaxed about what food is about when the kids are playing.  I never expected anyone to adapt like this!

I’m also blessed to have friends who, if they do have birthday parties for their kids, have them outdoors in the woods!  It means we’ve been able to go and leave before the food is served or, at next week’s birthday party, I’ll just take Adam along some of his own food to have.  Outdoors is always much, much easier for us as thankfully Adam has no environmental allergies and even if kids are eating food its unlikely many surfaces will get contaminated that Adam would be touching. Saying that, many of my friends aren’t into the birthday party thing, nor are am I, thinking it encourages selfishness in children and also can create an environment when too many kids start losing their marbles from overexcitement, exhaustion etc.  At 2 or 3 or 4 years old I’m not sure kids even understand the whole birthday party shebang and can find it distressing particularly if they’re the ‘birthday child’.  So the allergies thing might even end up being a useful excuse in the future to not go to particularly crazy sounding kids birthday parties!


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