17 Jul

It’s been an absolute age since I posted-we were packing up to move home and then that didn’t work out but we still had a ton of unpacking to do! We still haven’t quite settled back into our old flat so here’s a quick post to say I just came across an awesome survey.

How can a survey be awesome? Well this one asks the kind of questions only someone who is absolutely on the same wavelength as you, allergy-wise would ask. I found it really therapeutic to read the survey questions and to complete it. It was one of those moments when you feel like, yes, those feelings you keep hidden, are shared by others out there too! Nobody I see on a daily basis has any experience of allergies and so I just get on with things and don’t really feel the need to think about my own feelings and experiences related to allergies particularly often. But this survey helped stir things up a bit and has also given me great food for thought for future posts!

Most importantly tho, this survey is hopefully part of some useful research that will help shed further light on life with a food allergic child! I do hope you can complete it! I’ve written to the researchers asking to be kept up to speed with their research finding so that I can share them here.

Here’s the link to the survey:


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