Camping, here we come!

20 May

A tent!  So excited! This morning we went for a stroll and a shop was doing a tent display in our park.  We hadn’t thought of buying a tent and just thought camping might be too hard with a child.  But then we checked out this amazingly huge tent, with enough space for a double inflatable bed and space to stand up straight inside!  I suddenly realised that Adam’s sleeping has become much easier-he falls asleep relatively easily these days and stays asleep apart from one wee break. So camping might be doable! Its a far cry from what night life was like for us just 6 months ago!  I also realised that camping might be our only way of going ‘away’ for a night since we can’t easily stay in hotels or self-catering places-in the former we’d struggle to feed Adam and in the latter the kitchen and home wouldn’t be safe for his contact allergy.

So it seems that with camping, we might actually be able to have our first weekend away (to a place that isn’t my  parent’s house) since Adam was born! He’s also gotten to the age (three in July, God willing!) where I think he’d really enjoy the excitement of camping, particularly seeing the stars so clearly.  I have no idea what sort of allergy-related issues there might be, apart from perhaps other people cooking and eating un-safe stuff very close by and other kids running around with food.  But if the campsite is relatively spacious or empty I guess that wouldn’t be a problem?  My husband thinks its over the top for me to be talking about buying our own travel fridge (costs for things like this quickly escalate don’t they!) though I think its the easiest way of trying camping for the first time as there aren’t many quick and easy meals you can make for Adam.

Have you tried camping with a child with multiple food allergies and contact allergy?  What sort of things should we be aware of that make the experience different to camping with a non-allergic child?


One Response to “Camping, here we come!”

  1. Madison June 2, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    A very good idea! And I too think you need a travel fridge, otherwise Adam will spend his weekend eating ambient food. It jsut wouldn’t be fair would it?

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