Perfect pate and triangular wonders

15 Mar

I haven’t posted in ages eventhough new post topics are always brewing in my mind.  This afternoon I had a dentist appointment so my husband left work early to look after our 2.5 year old boy.  Our son is very sensitive about anybody getting hurt and half a year ago when I last took him with me for an appointment, he was not at all impressed that someone was poking around inside mummy’s mouth.  So today we thought it best for him to avoid the whole shenanigans and to go home with dad instead. 

Hubbie suggested I go for a coffee after my appointment to have a little bit of ‘me’ time.  So, with a slice of carrot cake and a mocha I’m trying to write at least one blog post.  Whilst I sit here I know when I get home I will need to wipe down my phone, notebook and laptop with Dettol wipes as they’ve all been in touch with the table.  I always change my clothes anyway as soon as we get home.  Otherwise Adam (my boy) ends up with hives and general itchiness. 

What I wanted to share with you today is Adam’s discovery of the only thing we’ve found so far that we can now spread on his home made bread that isn’t apple jam or Pure sunflower spread. I have tried making him mushroom pate before but I haven’t figured out how to easily make small quantities and it goes off quite easily.  So I’ve been really keen on finding something I can buy in small pots to spread on our home made bread. 

We were in our most favourite store in the whole world a few days ago and Adam started playing with some cans.  He said he wanted a few of them and when I looked it turned out to be the spread I’ve been wanting for over a year!  It has no soya in it, no carrots, none of the almost 30 foods we’re avoiding!  (If you check the website they even make olive pate!).  It’s called Granovita Vegetable pate and its the most exciting food-related development in our home (to counterbalance the fact that it now seems Adam’s allergic to chicken as well as beef, tuna etc). 

Its quite salty and so Adam absolutely loves it.  Its quite yummy actually.

Now, it probably sounds quite crazy but I got quite emotional when I made the sandwiches below. Its difficult to explain but they are the first ‘triangle’ sandwiches I have made Adam in over a year now.   The last time I made him sandwiches like this was when we used to make him tuna sandwiches before we realised he’s allergic to all fish, including tuna.  ‘Triangle’ sandwiches, for some incomprehensible reason, make me all warm inside.  I don’t even remember eating them as a child. But for me they signal childhood and wonderfulness. 

Being able to make Adam a proper sandwich again after so long felt really really amazing.  Apart from the pate, there are alfafa sprouts, and the most incredible organic Kalamata olives.  We grow our own sprouts-its so easy and they are incredibly nutritious.  It’s also lovely for our son to watch the incredibly beautiful process of seeds turning to sprouts that we can eat!

Its probably a tenuous connection but I feel that Adam picking those pate cans off the shelf really exemplifies why it’s so critical to really, truly listen to our children.  To listen to what they say, and to listen to what they do.  To be attuned with them. To be almost, one, with them. 

Back on the topic of feeding your allergic child, I hope you manage to find the Granovita cans and to experiment with growing your own sprouts! The alfafa ones are the nicest ones we’ve grown so far. Broccolli sprouts and linseed ones tend to be quite bitter!





2 Responses to “Perfect pate and triangular wonders”

  1. Minaretmuse March 17, 2012 at 12:57 am #

    Happy you found the perfect pate – but did Adam like the contents of the can as much as the can itself? I have 2 allergic nephews. The 7-yr-old’s allergies keep changing & he’s v.underweight. He was dairy-free for yrs and now he tolerates dairy but not peas, nuts or pulses. The other is 22 months old & dairy, egg, wheat & fish -free. Neither have had anaphylactic shock, thank God, but food is always an ‘issue’. Thank you for the tips and ideas, I’m going to have a go at growing some beansprouts. 🙂

    • allergickids March 24, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

      Hi Minaretmuse, thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Sorry it’s taken me a little while to respond. Adam loves the pate which is a relief of course 🙂

      I’m sad to hear about your nephews and particularly about the one who is very underweight. I know very little about that side of allergies and so would be really interested to find out a bit more about what the link is between allergies and low weight. I know that doctors look out for low weight as being a possible symptom of allergies but I don’t know why that is. Is it a matter of the child having such severe and constant diarrhea and vomiting that they can’t keep food down?

      Yeh, thank God for them never having had anaphylaxis-the fear of it brings tears to my eyes every time I look at our epi-pen! Adam also hasn’t experienced it thank God, but has had reactions that a doctor us we should have gone to hospital with.

      How are your beansprouts coming along?!

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