Food alerts

27 Jan

I can’t remember where I first came across the advice to sign up to the Food Standards Agency alerts but I’m glad that I did.  You can chose what specifically you want alerts about e.g. food withdrawals or allergy alerts.  In the first few weeks I was really surprised by the kind of things alerts were being sent out about. There were metal pieces in drinks, listeria, salmonella, mustard in products that don’t have it in the ingredients and so on.  Its well worth signing up.

The last couple of days Adam’s skin has really flared up and I’m racking my brain as to why.  I got an alert this afternoon about Doves Farm Buckwheat flour: “DOVES FARM FOODS LIMITED WITHDRAWS ONE BATCH OF GLUTEN-FREE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR DUE TO LOW LEVELS OF GLUTEN PRESENT IN THE PRODUCT.”  I went off to the kitchen to check our flours hoping they would be the answer to why Adam’s skin isn’t well but ours have a different batch code.  We have previously given him a Doves Farm cookie (before we knew he had a corn allergy which means he can’t have them anymore) and then there was an alert about the cookies containing milk.  So its useful. Apart from the fact that it really makes you realise that no pre-packaged food is ever 100% ‘safe’ for your child (nor for an adult!) and there are always risks of cross-contamination and of general accidents.  Fruit and vegetables are the bees knees!

Oops and I almost posted without including the link for you to follow to sign up.  Its a bit odd how the updates are included under ‘specialist information’ which isn’t really what a layperson would click on intuitively.  But anyway:



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