Bit of extra nutrition

20 Jan

If your child has several allergies, finding food that’s ‘free from’ all of them is difficult.  So almost everything gets cooked from scratch. The best bit about this is that you can throw in an extra bit of nutrition very easily.  I’ve recently started adding milled linseeds for example to the bread we make.   (Couldn’t live without our bread machine!  Nor without our grain mill!).  I think that when they’re milled we can more easily digest them and absorb the nutrients (otherwise I think they just pass through).  You need to use them straight away tho as otherwise they start going off.

Another quick and easy way of adding some extra nutrients is by using frozen organic spinach (Waitrose), to almost any savoury dish, just before its finished cooking.  Its funny that when I was growing up, spinach was seen as something ‘eeeeew’ when its actually an incredibly adaptable, delicious and highly nutritious food (although apparently its a complete myth that the iron in it can make you strong as apparently our bodies can’t absorb the iron in spinach).  One of our favourite dishes at the moment is fried red onion, loads of garlic, stock and a few frozen spinach pellets (not sure what to call them!) with fresh herbs like sage, oregano, and thyme.  It doesn’t taste traditionally ‘spinachy’ at all and Adam loves it mixed with buckwheat noodles and chicken for example.  We do eat a collossal amount of garlic tho (good for the immune system) as it really adds so much flavour when you’re struggling to think what you could add to your dish to make it less bland!

Good Oil also is a great way of adding omega oils to any dish. If you’ve never tried it before it will taste very very strange. But kids are incredible in the way they can try and love odd flavours. Adam can happily drink down two or three tablespoons of the stuff!  Normally tho I just drizzle it on any food I’m giving him (well not on chocolate cake) and feel better about him not getting any omegas through fish and nuts which is how people normally get them (he’s allergic to both).

Do you have any shortcut ways of boosting nutrition in a meal that you can share?


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