New book!

19 Jan

Almost 300 people have read this blog!  Its an amazing number but a) it makes me procrastinate more about writing anything knowing how many people might read it and b) make some comments people!

I was looking on Amazon yesterday for a scone pan (didn’t know they existed until Gluten Free Goddess posted up a beautiful looking recipe that needs one yesterday).  And somehow, and I really don’t know how, I came across this amazing looking book: How to Cook for Food Allergies.  It came in the post this morning (the joys of an Amazon Prime trial!) and I can’t wait to look in it.  There is almost nothing as important in the life of a mother of an allergic kid as figuring out what and how to cook yummy nutritious food.  So if this book is going to make anything easier, I will be in love with the author forever and ever more.  Speaking of the author, she apparently has trained as a chef and helped cowrite a Leiths book so I feel like I’m in safe hands.

Oh and speaking of hands, those in the pic are my little boy’s hands-one of his favourite games at the moment is covering up words and then teasingly telling me to read them 🙂



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