Random bits

15 Dec

Its been ages since my last post (or at least it feels that way!).  Its incredible how it seems there is less time to get anything done than when I was doing both the mothering and the PhD.  I’m not sure how that’s worked out.  But it means that I haven’t had a chance to do much at all let alone to write a blog post eventhough I’ve had lots and lots of thoughts I’ve wanted to share.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit harder as we’ve been weaning Adam off breastfeeding completely.  I say ‘we’ as my husband’s been putting in as much into the process as I have, mainly by being up at all hours rocking Adam back to sleep when he’s woken up wanting to nurse.  We’ve been following the incredible book ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ by Elizabeth Pantley. Really fantastic in that it assumes you want to be gentle and responsive with your precious kid and not just let them be tormented by screaming themselves to sleep alone in the night.

So the weaning has meant that this evening for the first time in almost two years I tasted wheat and chickpeas and all sorts of goodies from our local organic deli.  It was particularly great as I met a friend there who has lived with severe allergies similar to Adam’s so she could understand the momentous nature of the occassion 😉

One of the toughest things about living with a child with extensive allergies is the need to play detective.  I always wanted to be a detective. Either that or to be in the SAS.  But not an allergy detective!  So at the moment Adam’s eczema is flaring up and he’s itching much more than usual.  He is also wheezing a lot of the time and has a wet nose and is sneezing.  It seems to us he has a new allergy and possibly to dust mites.  Its the guessing and not really knowing that can be frustrating.  And a herd of wild horses wouldn’t get us to bring Adam to the hospital for any tests within the next year or so.  So guessing is all we can do for now.  The other options are a mould allergy (we found lots of mould in our flat recently) or a problem with a food.  When we first were forced to be allergy detectives we were constantly fighting with the idea of ‘what if it’s just in our heads’ (not least because that’s basically what a whole load of GPs implied).  But then we learned it wasn’t all in our heads which makes things a lot easier!

I’ll be posting a post on food soon that I’ve half written but want to add to in the coming days, God willing.  Adam’s sleep has become much better (i.e. he wakes much less frequently) over the last few days as he weaned completely so hopefully I’ll have more time to write!


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